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Agencija „Medium-tim“ je realizovala veliki broj različitih projekata, a bavi se i  organizovanjem javnih nastupa,  gostovanja i nastupa u medijima, organizovanjem javnih događaja, seminara i simpozijuma.

Sarađujemo sa velikim brojem medijskih radnika i stučnjaka iz oblasti medija- novinara, snimatelja, fotografa, čime možemo odgovoriti svakom Vašem zahtevu.


The agency „Medium-Tim“ was established with the aim to become firmly positioned in Niš and southern Serbia in the field of consulting and management services in the media. The long-term plan of the Agency is to expand the area of operation and the entire territory of the country and to establish cooperation with neighboring countries. Due to constant friction and bad situations in the media in the region, established the goal is often elusive. However, the goal of which is reflected in the establishment of rules in operation between the media and clients and place as an intermediary agency should take, for now it is on the right track implementation.

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The agency „Medium-team“ has had a large number of diverse projects and worked activities, which range from organizing guest appearances and media appearances, to organizing events, seminars and symposiums.

A large number of professionals we work with journalists, editors, implementers to the editors, cameramen and photographers, makes a strong base of Agency „Medium-tim“ and a reliable partner.

Ease of operation of the Agency „Medium- tim“ is reflected in the ease of communication with clients and media representatives.


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